In absence of modern medicinal facilities specially in far flung areas, people have traditionally been relying on traditional medications prepared from locally available biological resources mostly derived from plants. In fact, many such medications or home remedies are even popular in urban areas where modern facilities exist. In addition to technological ideas and innovations, NIF also has been documenting traditional knowledge practices. In this particular section 'Herbal Healing Traditions', some such herbal practices, received from all over the country, are being shared. These pertain to the use of plant/ plant parts for human, veterinary or agricultural use and have been classified according to the plant used. Uses of the same plant mentioned in codified literature or research papers/ books are also given along with the references in all cases. Some of the practices mentioned here may also have been received from other people from same/ different parts of the country. Hence, it is to be noted that neither the plant list available here is exhaustive nor the traditional knowledge examples, they are just an indicative/illustrative sample. While all care has been taken to give correct information, errors, if any, are purely unintentional.