September 19, 2015

Subject : Constitution of Building Committee for the construction of National Inclusive Innovation Center for Development (NIICenD)

NIF is in the process of constructing a National Inclusive Innovation Centre for Development (NIICenD) at Amrapur village in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It aims to achieve the global standards of design and affordable excellence in terms of greenery, accommodation of interest of non-human sentient beings, natural flow of water, wind & light, net zero and renew-ability of the structure so that after even 100 years of existence, most parts of the building remain usable.

Keeping in view the nature of work and to lead the process of construction of NIICenD, a Building Committee has been constituted, as approved by the Chairperson of NIF. The Committee comprises the following:

  1. Prof Anil K Gupta, Executive Vice Chairperson, NIF
  2. Dr B V Doshi, former director, School of Architecture, Ahmedabad and the architect of IIM-Bangalore building
  3. Prof Chetan Vaidya, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  4. Financial Advisor, DST Member (Ex-officio)
  5. Shri Mahesh Patel, National innovation Coordinator, NIF
  6. Director, NIF, Ex-officio Member (Member Secretary)

The tenure of the Committee is till the completion of the project. The notices regarding meetings will be conveyed to all the members in due course.

Vipin Kumar,

Director, NIF