Note: The traditional knowledge examples given below are just an indicative/illustrative sample. Herbal practices similar to the ones given below may also have been received from other people from same/ different parts of the country.

Uses from NIF Database

Take two spoonful of root powder with water to improve eyesight- Ramabandhu Mahajan, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Stomach disorder

Pound the roots and prepare tablets. Take three tablets orally with ripe banana- Rani B. Bhagat, Pune, Maharashtra


Boil roots of Plumbago and Rauvolfia serpentina(L.) Benth. ex Kurz in mustard oil. Massage lukewarm oil over the aching part- Sukhal Manjhi, West Champaran, Bihar


Apply the root paste topically- Boyiana Sanyasi, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Uses described in Literature

The paste of the whole plant is applied externally on any kind of skin diseases116; extract of leaves and root is administered orally to alleviate arthritic pain117; and the plant acts as a good digestive118. Product ‘Muscle & Joint Rub’11 is highly effective for backaches, muscular sprains and joint pains. ‘Citrakadi gutika’119 is used to cure diarrhoea associated with abdominal pain and chronic colitis. Four patents have been found on its medicinal uses mainly for skin diseases120 and gastrointestinal disorders121.