Grassroots Innovations Design Studio (GRIDS)  Grassroots Innovation Design Studio (GRIDS) facilitates formal design inputs to the grassroots innovations at premier institutes viz National Institute of Design (NID) - Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Gandhinagar, National Institute of Technology (NIT) - Srinagarand Srishti School of Arts, Design & Technology, Bengaluru.

Students' Club for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI)  A nationwide student movement, comprising students from India's best management and technology institutes,SCAI provides product development, mentoring and monitoring support to innovators and traditional knowledge holders at the grassroots.

Micro Venture Innovation Fund (MVIF)  One of its kind of dedicated risk fund in the world, setup with the support of SIDBI in October 2003 and operationalised in January 2004, MVIF provides financial support to grassroots innovators. It is extended under a single signature on a simple agreement of understanding without any collateral or a guarantor.

Grassroots Technological Innovations Acquisition Fund (GTIAF)  Sanctioned in 2011 and operationalised in 2012, GTIAF obtains the rights of technologies from innovators after compensating them for the same, with the purpose of disseminating and diffusing them at low or no cost for the larger benefit of the society.

Gandhian Inclusive Innovation Challenge Awards  The Award aim towards developing new solutions for three challenges -- paddy transplanter, wood stove and tea leaf-plucking machine.

Grassroots to Global (G2G)  NIF has proved that Indian innovators can match anyone in the world when it comes to solving problems creatively. They perform better than others in generating greater sustainable alternatives by using local resources frugally. Those who see poor only as the consumers of cheap goods, miss the richness of knowledge at grassroots level. The G2G model propagated by NIF is all set to change the way the world looks at creativity and innovations at grassroots.

In situ incubation  NIF provides in situ incubation of grassroots technologies to the innovator at his/her place. All incubation facilities (financial or technical support, mentoring, etc.) are extended to the innovator at his place where he continues to work on his/her ideas or innovations.

Community workshops  NIF has established community workshops in different rural areas of the country at the premises of seasoned innovators so that other grassroots innovators of the region can have access to fabrication facilities locally. Also, they could learn from the experiences of seasoned innovators. This is expected to promote the conversion of an idea into a prototype faster.

Inverted model of innovation  The inverted model of innovation implies that children invent, engineers & designers fabricate and companies commercialise.

Innovations' exhibition at the President House and The Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE)  Since 2010, the RashtrapatiBhavan has been hosting an exhibition of innovations near its Mughal Garden to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of common people. Since 2015, NIF and RashtrapatiBhavan is organizing a Festival of Innovation which comprises of roundtables on various topics in relation to Innovation in addition to the Exhibition.