Note: The traditional knowledge examples given below are just an indicative/illustrative sample. Herbal practices similar to the ones given below may also have been received from other people from same/ different parts of the country.

Uses from NIF Database
Eye disease

Apply the leaf paste on the eyes- Chinnamma, Idukki, Kerala


Take one spoonful of leaf powder orally- Prem Singh, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh

Chew the fruit skin in the morning

- Santoshben Gamar, Banaskantha, Gujarat

Muscular pain

Burn the leaves into ash and mix it with mustard oil. Apply the paste on the aching part- Lalit Kumar and Piyush Kumar, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh


Apply the leaf paste topically- Chandbhan Singh, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh


Apply the root paste on the affected area- Kumar Chandel, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh


Take the fruit decoction along with jaggery orally- Bhagwati Lal Kumawat, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Powder of the dried bark is applied in case of leucoderma39; fruit juice is useful in jaundice69; fruits are used as diuretic69; and root powder is applied in skin diseases69. Pilex11 (Vein care) helps support metabolic processes involved in maintaining the vascular system’s integrity for optimum health and appearance; Purim11 (Hemo care) is used for blood purification. Six patents have been found on the medicinal applications of Cassia fistula as an antiviral.