Uses from NIF Database

Take seed powder (1g) along with rice starch in the night orally for fifteen days. - Bezwada Venkateswarlu, Prakasham, Andhra Pradesh


Apply the seed paste on the scalp along with honey Mangilal Purohit,Churu, Rajasthan

Mouth ulcer

Apply the green leaf juice on the ulcers - Chhitar Lal Gurjar, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan


Take the seeds (100g) with ghee or butter for relief - Kalpana, Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Knee pain

Take the seeds (6g) with milk for 14 days - Pavan Mehra, Sikar, Rajasthan

Dried leaves and root powder is given orally in case of eye complaint 1; decoction of young leaves is given orally for cough2; leaf powder is given orally in case of urine problems3; seed extract is used in sciatica3. It is one of the ingredients of ‘Tranquil’4 for relieving stress and anxiety. Ten patents have been found on the applications of Abrus as natural sweetener5, oral contraceptive6, etc.