Gandhian Engineering - Interview with IDEAS-RS

06-12-2006    Dr R A Mashelkar

Gandhian Engineering is not just for the poor

DR. Mashelkar: In May this year, the Australian Academy in Canberra conferred on me an honorary fellowship. In the 40 years of their existence this is the first time they were honouring an Indian, that too in the presence of Mr. Carr, their minister for Science & Technology. The Academy asked me to deliver the Academy’s “Prestige Innovation Lecture.” All the key stakeholders and decision makers like ministers, bureaucrats, businessmen and the other key institutions would be present.

It was clear in my mind that I must deliver something with a unique Indian flavour, yet relevant to them. My family was also traveling with me as we were on a holiday. I was incubating several thoughts in my mind but the right idea was eluding me.

Finally, when we were in Sydney I told my family to leave me alone for about two hours in my hotel room. While they were out,one thing led to another and finally the concept of ‘Gandhi to Gandhian Engineering’ emerged.

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