Mr. Subhadeep Banerjee

Designation : Senior Project Associate

Qualification : M.Tech Biotechnology

Department/Project : SDDM

Location : Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Email : subhadeepb@nifindia.org

Mr. Subhadeep is a passionate about research and has a strong background of M.Tech in Biotechnology. He currently serves as a Senior Project Associate (SPA) at NIF (National Innovation Foundation-India), wherein his primary focus is on the SDDM (Scouting Documentation and Database Management) department and Inspire-related activities. His journey has led him through diverse experiences of 5yrs that have deepened his understanding of the intricate world of biotechnology and its real-world applications. His proficiency in various languages greatly facilitates communication and the translation of essential documents. He has also proofread, translated, and corrected two regional language books. Additionally, he has delivered various presentations in the regional language for the MMAKJS event. During field trials, he played a pivotal role in documenting a flood-resistant rice variety.