Ms. Sahreen Shakeel

Designation : Senior Project Associate

Qualification : IMBA with specialization- Marketing and IT

Department/Project : INSPIRE- MANAK

Location : J&K

Email : sahreens@nifindia.org

Sahreen is a dedicated professional with a fervor for cultivating a positive workplace culture and fostering development in her work. Holding an IMBA Postgraduate degree with specialization in Marketing & IT, she has served in various roles, including Innovation Fellow and Project Associate. Currently holding the position of Senior Project Associate at NIF-INDIA, Sahreen demonstrates innovative leadership and expertise in project management, entrepreneurship development, and brand positioning strategies. Her proven management background is evident in successfully overseeing numerous projects, particularly in marketing research and product development over the last 5 years. Notably, for the past 3 years, her focus has been on INSPIRE Awards-MANAK in the J&K region, showcasing her commitment to impactful initiatives.