Mr. Hardev Choudhary

Designation : Scientist E , Head-VARD Agriculture

Qualification : M.Sc. Agriculture, (Pursuing Ph.D. at NIFTEM Kundali)

Department/Project : VARD Agriculture

Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Email : hardev@nifindia.org

Mr. Hardev Chaudhary heads the VARD - Agriculture division at the National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF). He is a seasoned professional with over two decades of research experience in the fields of Agricultural innovation incubation, Intellectual Property Rights, and Entrepreneurship development for GRIs and sustainable agriculture and livelihoods. He has been instrumental in steering the translation of research outcomes into tangible applications through validation, value addition, technology licensing, and establishing strategic alliances with research and development (R&D) entities and industry partners. His visionary leadership extends to policy planning, focusing on the incubation and adoption of sustainable technologies and innovations. Mr. Chaudhary has been driving force in facilitating the IP rights of farmers and Innovators under the Patents Act, 1970, and Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001. His in-depth understanding of the agricultural landscape and the country's diverse needs is a result of extensive travels across the nation. This unique perspective informs his efforts to address challenges and drive innovation in the agricultural domain. An accomplished academic, he holds a M.Sc. in Agriculture and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Postharvest Management at NIFTEM-Sonepat, Haryana. His academic background provides a strong foundation for his leadership role, allowing him to bring a wealth of knowledge and a multifaceted skill set to the forefront. His research findings are published in both national and international journals of repute, reflecting his dedication to disseminating knowledge and driving positive change. Beyond academia, Mr. Chaudhary actively engages with diverse stakeholders, scientific communities, and farming groups. He stands as a thought leader and a driving force in the field of agricultural innovations, spearheading various working groups and committees aimed at facilitating the mass adoption of sustainable and affordable green innovations, thereby contributing significantly to the development of rural economies.