Mr. Dayashankar Kori

Designation : Administrative Assistant

Qualification : B.Com

Department/Project : SDDM

Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Email : dayasankar@nifindia.org

Dayabhai is an integral part of the organizational workflow for managing innovators' knowledge and innovation since 16 years. His responsibilities encompass several key tasks aimed at ensuring efficient handling of information and practices within the organization. He methodically arranges and stores all new entries, practices, and associated documents in dedicated folders for each innovator. Also, he manages the implementation of a comprehensive scanning process to digitize knowledge and innovation practices, ensuring that the digitized content is uploaded to a centralized database for easy access. He looks after the distribution of hard copies of entries and practices to staff members as needed, maintaining diligent filing practices for record-keeping purposes. His part includes providing staff with relevant scan copies of knowledge and innovation-related documents, photos, and videos. He undertakes CD/DVD compilation to create presentation materials related to innovations within the organization. With a systematic approach to generate bulk inward entries for practices submitted by scouts and other cells, he ensures a streamlined flow of information throughout the organization.