Er. Raja Ramanna Singh

Designation : Research Associate I

Qualification : B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech in Production Engineering

Department/Project : VARD Engineering

Location : Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Email : rajas@nifindia.org

Mr. Raja has completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering & M.Tech in Production Engineering. Since joining the organization in July 2017, he has accumulated over 7 years of valuable experience in the research and development field. With a robust academic background, including one year of academic experience, he has published two research papers on the mechanical properties of metals. Additionally, their expertise extends to AutoCAD Software, evident through the completion of a certified course. Actively engaged in professional development, he is a member of the Technical Society of Mechanical Engineering and has attended relevant seminars and short-term courses. Serving as a mentor, he provides valuable support to innovators, overseeing eight projects focused on optimizing material and resource utilization for product development. He is presently employed in the VARD Engineering department, where he has the chance to participate in a wide array of tasks. His duties include collaborating with innovators, creating detailed documentation, conducting benchmarking, and prior art searches for grassroots innovations. Moreover, he performs field visits to gather missing data for promising innovations and draft technical details for patent applications. Additionally, he actively contributes to Inspire MANAK Work activities and coordinate exhibitions.


Raja Ramanna Singh, Abhishek Gaikwad, Shiv Sagar Singh & Vishnu Pratap Singh (2015). Comparison of Mechanical properties of medium carbon steel with dual phase steel. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering 4(4).

Shiv Sagar Singh, Abhishek Gaikwad, Raja Ramanna Singh & Vishnu Pratap Singh (2015) Comparison of Mechanical properties of dual phase steel for different quenching mediums. International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development 5(4).