Dr. R K Ravikumar

Designation : Scientist E , Head- VARD Human Health & Veterinery

Qualification : Ph.D.

Department/Project : VARD [Veterinary and Human Health]

Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Email : ravikumar@nifindia.org

Dr. R K Ravikumar holds doctorate degree from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute [IVRI] and has been pivoting indigenous knowledge system comprising veterinary and human health herbal medications. He had received fellowships for academic and research activities from Indian Council of Agricultural Research [ICAR] and Department of Science & Technology [DST], GoI. He was nominated in the ‘’Guidance for evaluation of novel applications for COVID 19 in reference to herbal formulations’’ under Indian Council of Medical Research [2020].His research work led to development & commercialization of novel therapeutic intervention in control of mastitis, reproductive ailment, worm infestation in dairy sector and poultry feed supplement. He is involved in developing therapies against blood pressure, osteoarthritis and anti-cataract herbal formulation(s) through clinical research programs. Dr Ravikumar had received national acclaim for his work earning ‘’NASI - Platinum Jubilee Awardee for Application Oriented Innovations in Biological Sciences (2022)’’ constituted by The National Academy of Sciences, India [NASI]. His work on technology development and implementation model was acknowledged by United Nations Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture [CAPSA] & Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [ESCAP]- 2017. He along with team are involved in filing, prosecution of patent applications and enabling more than 100 herbal patent grants thereby augmenting Intellectual Property Rights protection of custodian of knowledge. His work paved way for industry interface through technology transfer(s) and realization of commercial potential. His activities generated evidences for Access and Benefit sharing model in indigenous knowledge system and oriented research in reinforcing indigenous knowledge. He is engaged in working group deliberations on national campaign(s) and policy framework development of health system. He is credited with publication of two special issues as Lead Guest Editor in SCOPUS indexed scientific journals.