Dr. Kiran Rawat

Designation : Research Associate III

Qualification : Ph. D. Biological Sciences

Department/Project : VARD

Location : Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Email : kiranr@nifindia.org

Dr. Kiran Rawat is currently absorbed as Research Associate-III. Dr. Rawat joined the organization earlier in 2009 till 2011; whereby she served “Value Addition Research and Development (VARD)” team of Animal Health. Gradually she netted her doctorate from CSIR-IHBT in the field of Biological Sciences (Cancer Biology) in 2017. In 2019, she re-joined us and since then has been meticulously leading various projects of Scouting and Documentation and Database Management (SDDM) as well as VARD that has led to the formation and launch of a “Dissemination Database” online, among others. She shares the responsibility of Inspire Manak for Uttar Pradesh state and has also collaborated with various forest divisions since her interest lies in working for Forest Fringe Villages (FFVs) across India under the umbrella of SDDM, livelihood generation and Impact assessment.