Wear a Helmet to start your Two Wheeler
Laila Banu, SM Arthi,vinotha
Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu

IGNITE 2011 - 2011

 IGNITE 2011 award

What’s the Big Idea?

Using a helmet as an ignition to start two-wheelers.

Arthi, Vinotha and Lailaa are three friends who independently thought of using a helmet as an ignition in two-wheelers.  Essentially, this means that if someone is not wearing their helmet, the two-wheeler does not start.

The idea was inspired by the large number of road accidents in the newspaper.  Wearing a helmet reduces the chances and extent of injury.  “If something can be so important in saving a life, should it not then be made compulsory,” the friends wondered. 

That’s how they came up with the idea of using the helmet as an ignition.

On Winning IGNITE

Getting this award was a proud moment for these girls, their parents and their school.  “We go to a regular government school and it was a big achievement for my school when we got this award.  Everyone showed their appreciation and encouraged us to do even better,” Lailaa shares.  Vinotha agrees, “Earlier, I used to be known only in my school.  Today, I am known all over the district.  I feel it has elevated my position at least 10 steps.”

Improving their Idea

They got the IGNITE award for this idea, but they want to make it even better. So, a seat belt in front can help protect small children from falling down in case of a jerk.  They want an easy-to-use to protect the heart and rib area.  It should also have a dedicated key and be made tamper proof so that it is impossible to start the two-wheeler unless the helmet’s in place.

Awards and Accolades

Apart from IGNITE, they have received multiple awards already.  Arthi is a National Talent Search Scholar while Vinotha has got many awards for debate.  “My school arranges an annual debate competition, and I won it for the last four years, in both Tamil and English,” she shares proudly. What’s more, she used her speaking skills to convince her school to also organize a fancy dress competition, and of course, she won that as well!

Just For Fun

Lailaa enjoys playing chess and carom and is also an excellent artist.  Vinotha is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer who has also played chess at the district level. She has a huge collection of motivational books and speeches by inspiring leaders, especially freedom fighters.  

Hopes and Dreams

Arthi wants to become a marine engineer; and Vinotha dreams of joining the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) to improve public transport and hygiene.  Lailaa is already working towards her goal of becoming a software engineer.

Note:  Arthi, Vinotha and Lailaa won IGNITE in 2011.  They were then in class 11.  NIF has filed a patent application (3836/CHE/2011) in their names. 

Patent:- 3836/CHE/2011