Stress monitoring mechanism in animals

Stress monitoring mechanism in animals

Name : Diva Sharma

District & State :  Delhi, Delhi

Award :   Class 11th - 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2015 Awards

Award Year : 2015

An animal lover, Diva Sharma has developed an application, which records the respiratory rate, temperature, pulse rate, heart beat rate of animals, through sensors attached to their bodies.

The idea of the app occurred to Diva, when she saw a street dog being hit by a car. As the driver sped away, Diva and her mother took the severely injured dog to a well-known animal help organization in the capital.

"There were limited number of vets at the voluntary organization and hundreds of injured and ailingstreet animals. The doctors wanted to help but were so overwhelmed with the number of emergency and other casesthat they could not decide which animalwas more serious. Some of them faced negligence and passed away.Alarmed at these developments, I decided to establish a device that can automatically detect distress in animals and alert authorities and owners. The device works on certain important parameters and accordingly displayed warnings on any deviations in health parameters that arose in animals," says Diva, who has grown up surrounded by pet dogs.Diva's mother works as a preschool teacher at the American Embassy in Delhi while her father has a business in the real estate industry. She has a sister, who studies in class VIII.

The system is an economic way to alert doctors about emergencies, as soon as an animal is brought into a hospital. The system includes a sensor attached to the bodies of the animals that will monitor the heartbeat, check pulse rate and also help in checking blood loss. The sensor is connected to an app that can be downloaded by the vets on their smartphones.

"My device seeks to remove any callousness and negligence in monitoring sick animals and speed up the pace of medical aid provided to them. I didnot want to be a helpless onlooker, but use my learning to create something useful.Even pet owners who leave their pets alone at home all day can use this app," says Diva, who likes to feed stray dogs in her neighbourhood and has, in an act of compassion towards animals, stopped eating non-vegetarian food.

In the past, Diva has volunteered with an NGO that works with stray animals and is presently working on gathering funds for the rescue and treatment of stray animals.In addition to research work, she enjoys debating and public speaking. Diva had talked on the topics of women empowerment and women in governance, at an event organised at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City. She has participated and received accolades at various other prestigious conferences in the US, Sri Lanka and in India.

Furthermore, Diva holds a Grade 8 Music Diploma from Rock School London and currently sings at local concerts. She has presented the proposal of the National Road Safety Song at a Conference comprising members of the Indian Home Ministry.

The School Student Council keeps her involved. In future, Diva wants to work in the field of technology and economics.

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