Stapler for leaf plate making

Stapler for leaf plate making

Name : Suyash Patel

District & State :  Banglore Rural, Karnataka

Category : Engineering

Award :   Class 9th - 10th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2019 Awards

Award Year : 2019

In villages a lot of people prepare plates and bowls from leaves like sargi. The leaves are stapled together using a stick. The correct placing of the stick is very important to make a good plate or bowl. Since this process is repetitive when a large number of such leaf plates/bowls have to be made, Suyash suggests to have a stapler like hand-held device where small sticks could be mounted. This can then be used to staple the leaves together and prepare the plates quickly.

Suyash like watching television, playing games and drawing. He has a Facebook page showing his art, the page already has a few hundred followers. He wants to be a cardiac surgeon.