Spray on Gloves and Socks
Aditya Joshi
Pune, Maharashtra

IGNITE 2012 - 2012

What's the Big Idea?

It's a solution filled in a spray-can. When sprayed on hands or feet, it quickly dries into snugly-fitted gloves or socks that can be easily peeled-off after use!

How does this help others?

Because it is water-proof and self-sealing, it provides excellent protection for anyone working with their hands and feet. So it can be used by a factory worker handling dangerous chemicals; a farmer standing bare-foot in water-filled paddy fields; garbage collectors picking up trash with their bare hands; painters; drainage-cleaners; carpenters; and even doctors doing surgery

The idea was inspired by people who collected trash from his house. "Normally, people who pick up garbage don't cover their hands or feet even though they are always in contact with the dirt. They are vulnerable to so many diseases. It made me think of this idea that gives protection and can be made easily available at an affordable cost," he explains.

As a student

His mother shares that although he is a bright student, he is not the class topper. "But he displays a very mature thinking and I am tremendously proud that he is compassionate about others," she adds.

Aditya has a questioning mind. One day, his mother, a computer science lecturer, got angry with him. "I started scolding him, and I was speaking in Marathi, our mother tongue. Suddenly, Aditya raised his hand and said, 'What does that word mean that you used just now?' I didn't know whether I should first explain the word or continue with my scolding," says his mother with a laugh

His teachers also share that he has his hand up throughout the class, wanting to know "why" and "how" behind everything before the teacher can go on to the next topic

Just For Fun

Aditya loves football and plays at the mid-field position. He enjoys reading fiction, especially Agatha Christie's murder mysteries. P.G. Wodehouse is another favourite author of both Aditya and his elder brother, who is in class 12. His mother informs, "Both my sons love reading P.G. Wodehouse and will discuss what they have read at the dining table. Sometimes I have to interrupt and ask them to stop their discussion and talk to me!" Aditya is also a poet. Earlier, he wrote funny poems but has now taken to writing "melancholy poetry". When asked why, he says he's not sure!

On Winning IGNITE

He was elated to "get a chance to speak with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, to just be in the same room as him." Last year, he also won the 7th Maharashtra State High School Scholarship Exam

Hopes & Dreams

He is interested in finding new energy solutions and finds the field exciting with many possibilities. He also wants to change in the present education system that, "while not hindering creativity, also does not also actively promote it amongst students." He would rather have a system where problems are assigned in which innovation is clearly required

Note: Aditya received the IGNITE 2012 award when he was in class 8. NIF has filed a patent application in Aditya's name (application number 3210/MUM/2012)