Semi-automatic flower garland maker and packer

Semi-automatic flower garland maker and packer

Name : Surya A.J., Venkateswaran S. and Venuram R.R.

District & State :  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Category : Engineering

Award :   Class 11th - 12th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2019 Awards

Award Year : 2019

The semi-automatic foot operated flower garland knotting and packaging system consists of a knotting device operated by a foot pedal. The user needs to press the pedal with his feet and keep the flower against the thread and the flower garland will be knotted!  This proves very easy for those who may have some problem in their hands and may find it difficult and painful to make flower garlands. The team has also designed a packaging system for the same.

Surya likes playing keyboard, reading Dan Brown books and has an interest in Macro-Economics. He wants to be a Chartered Accountant and a social entrepreneur. Venkateswaran plays table tennis, reads books and has an interest in art apart from coding and electronics. He wants to take up developing innovations as his career. Venuram likes listening to music and reading story books. He wants to become a mechanical engineer.