Quick finger duster for whiteboards

Quick finger duster for whiteboards

Name : Archit Aryaman

District & State :  Kamrup Metropolitan, Assam

Category : Engineering

Award :   upto class 8th

Award Function :   IGNITE 2019 Awards

Award Year : 2019

While write on a whiteboard, one often comes across situations where one makes a small mistake. To correct these many times fingers are simply used to wipe the ink without reaching out for the duster. As the whiteboard marker ink has harmful chemicals, doing so may be dangerous. The idea is to have a small duster attached to a person’s hand to erase some minor mistakes while writing on the white board, thereby keeping the hands safe.

Archit has an interest in robotics and has participated at the national level in the World Robot Olympiad. He also likes playing tennis, cycling and playing drums. He wants to be a researcher to explore the unexplored and find solutions to scientific challenges.