Posture correcting chair
Kulsoom Rizavi
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

IGNITE 2013 - 2013

What’s the idea?

A chair with sensors at appropriate places, which alert if the user sits in a bad posture. Now your chair will only allow you to sit properly on it!

Both the children thought about this idea thanks to their mothers, who always told them to sit properly whenever they saw them sitting in a bad posture. Little Kulsoom thought that while it may not be possible to be reminded again and again by someone for not sitting properly, this task can be done by the chair itself and hence this idea. She likes gardening, arts and crafts, writing stories and poems. Infact she plans to get her own book published soon and grow up to become an entrepreneur selling hi-tech machines in an automated shop. She has an elder sister who loves her much and a younger infant sister whom she loves most.

Patent:- 3333/DEL/2013