Placed on a medicine box to give a reminder to take medicine and on taps to prevent water wastage
Mohit Singh
Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh

IGNITE 2011 - 2011

 What’s the Big Idea?

A medicine box with an alarm that goes off when it is time to take the medicine and a tap fixed with a timer to stop water wastage.  

Every day, Mohit got disturbed seeing the way clothes were washed in his home. A lot of clean water was wasted when the tap was left on although water was not required.  He guessed that if it was happening in his home, it must also be true for other homes.  To stop this wastage, he gave a simple and effective idea: a timer fitted on taps that automatically stops water flow after a pre-specified time.

Mohit’s second innovation came about because he often forgot his medicines when ill. Again, he thought of putting a timer and an alarm on the medicine box that would give an alert when it was time to take the medicine.  This innovation is especially helpful for the elderly who take many medicines at different times through the day.  

Just For Fun

Mohit is a very good artist.  He also dances well and can play the tabla, guitar, piano and harmonium.  He is also a good cook and his speciality is “making Chinese food with an Indian flavour”.  Reading is another favourite past time. “I like to read to read everything from fiction, science fiction, Dan Brown etc.  I must have read all the Harry Potter series at least a 100 times, but I hate romance and non-fiction,” he says.

Childhood Memories

He remembers that when he was much younger and his parents took him to a restaurant, he would lie down on the floor and throw a tantrum if they did not order whatever he asked for. 

Of course, he is now much older and in fact, has a younger brother and sister.  He finds that being the eldest is both good and bad.  “I feel happy because there is always someone to play and talk with. But sometimes, it’s also very annoying.  Whenever things go wrong, both of them blame it on me and I get scolded,” he shares.     

Father as Role Model

Mohit is strongly inspired by his father, who grew up in a small village some 60-70 kilometres away from the state capital, Patna.  The village school only had classes till tenth, and that was the maximum education children received in that village.  But his father came to Patna to study further.   He did very well and got admission in engineering.  “My father was the first engineer in his village.  Even today, everyone respects him for his achievement.  I have learned from my father to never give up and accept defeat.  Today, if I find something difficult, I always tell myself that if my father could do it, so can I,” Mohit says with a lot of pride in his voice. 

However, unlike his engineer father, he wants to become a doctor. 

Note:  Mohit won IGNITE in 2011.  A prototype was made by NIF based on his idea.  NIF also filed a patent application (3151/MUM/2011) in his name.    

 Patent:- 3151/MUM/2011