Pipe cleaning device

Pipe cleaning device

Name : Bhanwar Malviya

District & State :  Sirohi, Rajasthan

Category : Engineering

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2011 Awards

Award Year : 2011

 Bhanwar used to see water pipes outside his house get blocked with dirt, cloth pieces etc. They used to use sticks attached with iron anchors to try and dislodge the obstructions in the pipes but nothing worked as the pipes were curved and the sticks would get stuck around the bend. So he thought of a device which could bend like a robot and would have a brush and water flow in the front to help clean out the blockages. He also thought of putting a drilling device at the front in case there were any stones or concrete that was blocking the pipes. Bhanwar realised that if no device was innovated to deal with this problem the only other solution would be to break the pipes and replace them.

His idol is C.V. Raman. He has no interest in sports and enjoys reading science books, astrology, autobiographies of scientists. He had participated in the Western India Science Fair where he participated and won an award.

He makes mechanical and electronic models and repairs electronic gadgets out of interest. Physics and math are his favourite subjects.

He has been representing his school at the science fair for the past four years and has been winning awards.

He has made most of his model and has not faced much obstacles so far. Since he did not have all the required material to make the model he took the help of a carpenter. He also went to the workshops to get the electronics parts. He would work on their machines to make his model.

Bhanwar aspires to become a Mechanical Engineer someday.

 Patent application number: 3179/DEL/2011