Pen for poster writing with an adjustable stroke tip
Rimjhim Baruah
Jorhat, Assam

IGNITE 2011 - 2011

Rimjhim, while pursuing art studies, found it difficult to write letters with a brush, a task taught at her school. She finds it difficult to write in the uniform size. So she came up with the idea of a writing pen which can write equally easily in thick and thin strokes.


She loves science and looks up to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as he is an aeronautical engineer and she wants to be just like him. Her favourite subjects are science and math.

Rimjhim is a very active participant in athletic activities such as races, soft putt and discuss throw. She enjoys drawing, painting and dancing. She also makes models. She reads books about science and participates in many competitions and exhibitions and has even won many prizes.

Her friends and parents were very happy when they heard about her idea being selected for IGNITE. Her achievement was declared during the school assembly and she felt proud of herself.

In the process of making the model, Rimjhim faced difficulties with the cutting and joining. There is an institution in her hometown of Assam called Vision Science Academy where they have special teachers who help students like her who want to make projects. They taught her how to use innovative ideas, use of different types of materials etc.

Rimjhim wants to become an aeronautical engineer like Dr. Kalam and she is very excited about the opportunity of meeting him in person!

 Patent application number:1433/KOL/2011