Pebble indicating system for cooking vessel
Mohammad Tawseef Thokar
Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir

IGNITE 2015 - 2015

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Many times, pebbles and other impure particles get cooked with rice and other food grains in spite of being washed. Tawseef suggests a vessel with sensors, which can indicate the presence of pebbles orsimilar impurities in rice or other food grains being cooked.

“This rice cooker-likevessel can be especially helpful for students who stay away from home and have to do their own cooking. The sensors will alert if there are pebbles or insects in the food, as soon as they are heated so that they can be washed immediately,” saysTawseef, whose idea was inspired when he saw his mother complain about impurities in cooked rice.
Tawseef, who is 16-years-old, had to undergo 15 surgeries since an accident that badly injured his leg in 2011. He has not been able to attend school regularly because of his surgeries and had to skip the academic session this year because of one last surgery.
“I miss going to school but my friends from school come home and cheer me up. My favourite sport is cricket and I used to love bowling in a match. I also play chess and carom,” says the spirited Tawseef, who wants to become a software engineer when he grows up.
Tawseef’sfather does agriculture work while his mother is a homemaker. He has two brothers, one elder and one younger to him.

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