Namda rolling machine

Namda rolling machine

Name : Zufa Iqbal

District & State :  Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2016 Awards

Award Year : 2016

Zufa’s grandfather believed that every person is born for some purpose, and he wanted her to realise the purpose of her life and have faith in the Almighty. “My beloved grandfather wanted me to become a doctor. His only dream was to see me wearing that white coat and serve people,” says Zufa. She claims to be a science fiction lover and loves to write.

Since the introduction of manual technique of Namda (woolen carpet) making, there has not been any technological intervention in this regard. The Namda rolling machine is the first of its kind for automating the process of Namda production. This machine takes almost seven to eight minutes to make a simple Namda. The washing and designing process is also finished within 15-20 minutes. Zufa plans to refine her innovation and commercialise it as a cost- and time-efficient machine.