Modified hand-cart with steering mechanism and brakes
Md. Usman Hanif Patel
Jalgaon, Maharashtra

IGNITE 2013 - 2013

What’s the idea?

Incorporating easy steering mechanism and brakes to make turning hand-carts easy and arrest slide on inclines respectively. A compassionate idea to make life easier for street vendors who use hand-carts. Young Usman, an IGNITE winner earlier for his idea to run ceiling fan through a roof top windmill, saw a street vendor struggling with his hand cart while negotiating a turn on an incline, which led to this idea. He also thought of adding a folding seat to the cart. Drawing is one of his favorite hobbies though it has little to do with his ambition to become a fighter pilot and serve the country. Usman has been selected for National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement and will be awarded on Children’s Day this year by the Hon’ble President.

Patent:- 3557/MUM/2013