Mobile charger_laptop adapter with inbuilt power backup

Mobile charger_laptop adapter with inbuilt power backup

Name : Rohit Tiwari

District & State :  Bokaro, Jharkhand

Category : Engineering

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   IGNITE 2014 Awards

Award Year : 2014

The idea is to have an inbuilt battery in the mobile charger or a laptop adapter, which gets simultaneously charged with the device when it is plugged into an electricity source. Having such a charger/adapter would thus not require a separate power pack or a battery to be carried along.

Shy in nature, Abid has been a good student and likes playing Kho-Kho and carom. He loves to play harmonium and congo. He wants to become an agricultural scientist. Wanting to become an engineer, Rohit likes reading books and periodicals and plays volleyball. While Abid thought about this idea during a school picnic, Rohit conceived this during an electricity outage for a couple of days at his home.