Manual hand lever-based Tapioca plant uprooter/digger

Manual hand lever-based Tapioca plant uprooter/digger

Name : S Vanchinathan

District & State :  Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Award :   ignite

Award Function :   IGNITE 2016 Awards

Award Year : 2016

Tapioca farming is common In India. The roots of tapioca are embedded deep into the soil which makes extraction difficult and requires tedious manual labour. Seeing the  everyday struggle of farmers, Vanchinathan thought of designing a device with an easy hand lever-based digger.  It will not only reduce the burden of uprooting tapioca but will also save time. 

Vanchinathan considers Dr A P J Abdul Kalam as his biggest inspiration. He wishes that India becomes a superpower without corruption, poverty or disasters. He loves making small mechanical gadgets to address local needs. He wishes to promote this idea to improve  agricultural practices and reduce drudgery.