Low cost Windmill

Low cost Windmill

Name : C. M. Subramanian

District & State :  Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

Category : Engineering

Award :  

Award Function :   7th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2013

Price :   Rs. 80000/- (Ex-stores & packaging). (Excluding transportation cost, taxes etc.)

Delivery Period : 15-20 days after placing confirmed order and full payment

Major problem faced in rural areas are interrupted power supply, unavailable infrastructure for supplying electricity to every household and others. This entire problem has a cost and the average individual cannot afford to lay infrastructure to receive electricity for his home. This problem led the innovator to develop low cost wind mill, sufficient for producing electricity for a household (1 kvA).

It is a wind turbine for producing electricity sufficient for a household (1 kVA). The windmill can be installed near the house or on the roof with an RCC construction. The windmill has been found producing up to 0.8-1.2 kVA (80 volt @ 10-15Amp) electric power at a wind speed of 3-3.5 m/s.

Innovator has been awarded in the 7th National Award Function of NIF (2013).

Indian Patent Filed ( 886/CHE/2013)

  • Wind turbine mounted on a shaft through hub,
  • five blades of aluminum (5 ft long, thickness 4 mm)
  • Tail made of MS (2 mm thickness), gear box (1: 6),
  • alternator (permanent magnet type having 18.5 gauge copper winding in star configuration -4.5 kg),
  • braking arrangement (comprising a motor and worm gear),
  • mounting post of 34 ft height,
  • 4” diameter pipe with ropes for providing support from three sides, electric cable, AC/DC Converter (rectifier),
  • voltage stabilizer and batteries for storing the electric power
  • The weight of turbine, gearbox and alternator is 120 kg and that of post is 90 kg.

  • Conventional with same capacity costs around Rs. 2.5 lacs while present windmill cost around Rs. 75,000 with same life span
  • It can be used for electricity generation and direct coupling for mechanical works like water lifting.
  • It can replace fuel guzzling gensets and can help in reducing pollution by thermal power plants.