Low cost grass and leaf cutting machine

Sapir and Klishan have proposed a hand-held cutting machine for grass and leaves. This machine can be carried easily and used anywhere.

When the duo is not innovating, they are thinking about innovation. Both Sapir and Klishanspend all of their time creating unique products that can be useful for people.

"I want to develop as many models of scienceas possible. I want to help people with my innovations and keep on thinking about how new products can be created to make people's lives easier," says Sapir, whose mother is a daily wager and father is a farmer. He has a brother who is studying.

When Klishan was in class XII, he was cutting grass with a friend when he thought of the idea of a hand-held grass cutting device. "We do not have many facilities or laboratories in our village to carry out experiments. But I want to become a scientist when I grow up and create more innovations in future," says Klishan, who has two sisters.

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