Indigenous Gas kit for moped

Indigenous Gas kit for moped

Name : Mr. Ram

District & State :  Hisar, Haryana

Category : Consumer durables

Award :   State

Award Function :   1st National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2001

Mr Ram Kumar, 25, is an employee in a spare part shop in Hisar. He is an expert mechanic of mopeds. His father is a mason. He skipped the school because of his love for working in the auto repair garage. His employer has put up a board of Ram Moped Works due to his credibility among clients.
Indigenous gas kit for moped:

He has developed an indigenous gas kit and the valve is capable of resisting the damage caused when the moped engine may emit sparks back towards the carburetor. In that case, the valve automatically closes itself.

Achievement/ benefit:

The running cost is very less. The small LPG gas cylinder is used for this purpose.