Herbal medication for treating bloat in animals
Sitanath Munda
Ranchi, Jharkhand

9th National Grassroots Innovation - 2017

 Innovator Profile

His medication for the treatment of bloat was found to be unique and clinical evaluation was conducted. The medication was found effective by improvising digestive function of rumen in livestock. Community meetings were held among herbal healers and villagers in many villages of five districts to ascertain whether the knowledge was or not. During the interaction, no body reported the use of the particular plant for treating bloat in animals. He has shared all his knowledge with his wife Savani Devi also. His wife and youger son, Tribhuvan, help him in the collection of herbs and the preparation of medications. He wants his son to learn whatever knowledge he has so that the tradition of serving society continues.

Sitanath Munda (48) is an agriculturist who is also quite known for providing herbal treatments for various human and animal related ailments. His herbal practice for bloat, a condition where excessive gas gets accumulated in stomach, has been found to be novel and promising.

Having studied only up to class fifth, Sitanath, got inducted early into agriculture to support his family. From his father, he not only learned how to practice agriculture but also a lot of herbal practices for treating various diseases of humans and animals. His father was also very well known in the region for his herbal knowledge. Sithanath lives with his mother, his wife and their two sons and their family. One son has moved to Gujarat to undertake various vocations while daughter is married and settled.

He has been practicing various herbal medications for animal ailments since the age of 15 years. He is famous for providing herbal medication for human ailments like epilepsy and tuberculosis and animal diseases such as bloat and mastitis. People from adjoining villages come to him for the treatment of their livestock whereas for human health related medications people come from as far as north Bihar. Apart from giving medicines at his home, he also goes to different villages to treat livestock, if required. He himself does not charge any fees, those who may be capable and willing, pay for his services as per their discretion. In the last so many years, he claims to have treated more than 500 animals for various clinical ailments.