Herbal medication for preventing and curing retention of placenta in animals

Herbal medication for preventing and curing retention of placenta in animals

Name : Harshadbhai Patel

District & State :  Anand, Gujarat

Category : Herbal products

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   7th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2013

Harshadbhai dries and grinds leaves of a local plant (name withheld due to IP reasons) and feeds the dried powder to the cattle directly or fodder. Married and with two sons, Harshadbhai comes from Anand, the birth place of the white revolution in the country. He worked for some time in a bidi making set up in Bihar where he came to know tendu and various other herbs. Slowly while interacting with herbal healers he developed the knowledge about various herbs and their uses. He also purchased a cow and opened a provision store there. His gained more herbal knowledge taking care of the cow. After a theft in his shop he returned back to Gujarat.

 Harshadbhai keeps himself engaged in administering herbal formulations for cattle diseases like bloat, diarrhea, and retention of placenta. Apart from this, he has also developed herbal solutions for dermatitis, fungal infections, and stomach ache in human beings.

For the validation test for his practice for retention of placenta, twenty clinical animals in advanced stage of pregnancy were selected where twelve clinical cases were observed in control group and 8 clinical cases were observed in test group. The average duration for expulsion of placenta in control animals was found to be 21.58 hours and 4.02 hours in the treatment group.

Technical details not disclosed due to IP considerations