Herbal medication for coccidiosis
Periyasami Ramasami
Salem, Tamil Nadu

10th National Grassroots Innovation - 2019

 Innovator Profile

Periyasami (64) is a farmer sustaining his livelihood undertaking agricultural activities in his two acres of ancestral land.He acquired the knowledge of herbal medication from his elders and through years of practice.

Clinically, the condition of bloody diarrhoea in poultry is caused by a protozoan, Eimeria sp., and is called as Coccidiosis. The medication developed by the healer has three herbal ingredients in the ratio of 40:20:40 percent. It has to be administered to affected birds with bloody diarrhoea for at leastthree days. The test medication was evaluated for a period of 6 weeks where it reduced the mortality to an extent of 12.96 percent than the infected, untreated birds, which showed higher mortality of 37.03 percent. This test medication was found to reduce Oocyst per gram and on the 14th day post infection, the treated birds were found with 7500.00 ± 1997.50 OPG than positive control [14800.00 ± 754.98]. The medicine was found to reduce mean lesion score and protected birdsinfected with Coccidiosis.

The name(s) of the plant(s) used in the herbal medicationhave been withheld due to IP reasons.