Herbal medication for anestrus

Herbal medication for anestrus

Name : Vilat Yadav

District & State :  Sitamarhi, Bihar

Category : Utility

Award :   National

Award Function :   10th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2019

Vilat Yadav (80) could study only up to 7th standard and thereafter has been practising agriculture for his living. He learned about the herbal medications keenly observing his elders and has been practicing for the last 25 years.

Anestrus is a period of dormancy between two periods of sexual activity in mammals with cyclic breeding. The healer claims to treat animals, which do not enter the reproductive cycle by administering about 25 grams of powder of an herb mixed in water twice daily for a period of upto 10 days. During validation, of the total 12 treated lactational anestrus cows, 9 (75.00%) cows exhibited oestrus in average 12.67±4.26 days. Following artificial insemination in 9 oestrus exhibiting cows, pregnancy was confirmed in 5 (55.55 %) cows with the help of ultrasonography. Of the treated buffaloes (n=12), 11 (91.67%) buffaloes exhibited oestrus in average 12.67±4.26 days. Among artificially inseminated buffaloes in 9 (81.81%) buffaloes the pregnancy was confirmed. This confirms the efficacy of the herbal formulation for anestrus.

The name(s) of the plant(s) used in the herbal medicationhave been withheld due to IP reasons.