Device to Relocate Clouds
Shweta Sharma
Jalandhar, Punjab

IGNITE 2012 - 2012

Poor rainfall in Punjab made Shweta experience first-hand the problems caused by water shortage. At the same time, she read about floods in Assam. It got her thinking that if the clouds over Assam could somehow be sent to Punjab, it would be a ‘win-win situation’ for both states. She was hesitant to share this idea as she thought that it might be laughed upon. But she discussed it with her mother who told her the story of the great musician Tansen whose raag Megh Malhar was said to have the power to bring down rain. Encouraged, Shweta sent her idea reasoning that “if a sweet melodious voice can bring rain, then this is also possible; maybe not today, but tomorrow.” She is fond of chemistry and physics and likes looking up new words in the dictionary.