Combi Tillage Implement

Combi Tillage Implement

Name : Maharaj Singh Lodhi

District & State :  Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

Category : Engineering

Award :   National

Award Function :   10th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2019

Maharaj Singh noticed that a conventional tractor mounted cultivator could not get proper depthon hard soil while carrying out tilling operation in his farm. To address this problem, in his first attempt itself, he developed an auger plough where five rotary augers were placed in place of cultivator tynes. They were powered by tractor PTO, however experiencing frequent wear and tear,he further developed a modified MB plough and Combi-tillage implement.

The tractor mounted combined tillage (combi tillage) implement does primary tillage operations as well as secondary tillage operation together.Itconsists of a soil cutting tool (modified plough or cultivator tynes) and soil clods breaker cum levelling unit (tractor PTO powered auger shaft).The modification includes replacement of bar point share of MB plough by tractor PTO powered auger. It consumes 3 liters of diesel to cover up to 1.25 acres of land in 1 hourat a field efficiency of 79%. It requires draft force of around 560 kgf to attain depth of 18 to 21 cm and width of 2 m.The implement costsRs 50,000.