Chair, Hammock, Table, Stairs, Bed One Product, Multiple Uses
Pankit B Gami & Ekta Patel
Tapi, Gujarat

IGNITE 2011 - 2013

What's the Big Idea?
It's a multi-purpose device that turns into a chair, hammock, stairs, table, bed, trolley, stool, and even a rocking chair. It can be folded and easily carried around, making it perfect for the space crunch in urban homes. You can even place it atop a car for camping or trekking
The idea was inspired by difficulties Ekta once faced on a family trip. They were travelling by train without reserved seats. While jostling for space, she wished for something that was compact and could be used as a stool or even a bed.
Reaching back home, she got together with Pankit and they searched the market for similar products. The nearest thing they found was a sofa-cum-bed. They bought it as a sample to study the design. After reading books on technical engineering, they finally started working on their idea. Three prototypes were made before getting the right one. Made of stainless steel, it was a durable and flexible product that could have multiple uses
Successfully Using the Prototype
Ekta is an outdoor person. She has happily taken along this innovation on many trekking trips, using it as a hammock, table or even a chair. Interestingly, she also got Indian army soldiers to use it. She proudly shares, "Once an army camp was set up near my house. My father suggested that we lend the jawans this device for authentic user feedback. Everybody enjoyed using it and really appreciated it."
Hobbies & Hopes
The friends have completely different interests. Ekta enjoys trekking, hiking or camping, basically anything where she can be outdoors. She also loves animals and is disturbed when she sees them mistreated. Pankit, however, is into Shakespeare and loves to read his works. Their academic preferences are also quite unlike. Pankit is fascinated by aeronautics while Ekta dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. However, successfully working on this project has made realize that they make a good team. They also share a common love of trying new things. At some point in the future, they want to start a company that researches and invents devices that help others.
Note: Ekta and Pankit won IGNITE 2011 as class 12 students. They went on to win the Student award in the 7th Biennial Awards for Grassroots Innovation and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge organised by NIF. Honourable President Shri Pranab Mukherjee gave away the awards at a function in Rashtrapati Bhavan on 7 March 2013. NIF has also filed a patent application (3150/MUM/2011) in their name.