Bamboo Splint Making Machine

Bamboo Splint Making Machine

Name : Paresh K Panchal

District & State :  Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Category : Engineering

Award :  

Award Function :   4th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2007

Price :   Rs. 37,200/- (ex-factory price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc.

Delivery Period : 10-15 day after confirmed order with 75 per cent of the price as advance payment

Bamboo sticks are used in the Agarbatti (incense stick) industry. For processing of bamboo, electricity operated high capacity machines are suitable for industries but not for smaller rural communities who use knife to make strips and sticks. The machine is a set of two devices, one for making bamboo strip and another for incense stick.

The first machine is used to slice the bamboo pieces of definite size, thickness and length. The slices cut are then fed into the strip making machine to produce the sticks.

Shri Paresh Panchal is a serial innovator and was awarded in the 4th National Biennial Presidential Award Function in Feb 2007 at IARI New Delhi for his innovation “Motorized Thread Winder for Kite Fliers”. He has sold 200 sets of Bamboo Strip and Inc

Patents Applied For ( 2373/MUM/2011 and 2374/MUM/2011 )

  • Weight : 40 kg each machine
  • Dimension: 24” x 15”x18” (each unit)
  • Splint length: 5”-11”,
  • Splint thickness: variable
  • Blade Material: High Carbon steel. Life of Blade: 10000 kg sticks (10-12 months) 
  • Capacity: 30 kg/day (approx 3500 sticks of 1.5 mm thickness or 4000 sticks of 1.2mm thickness per kg)

  • Easy to use & maintain, most suitable for the rural/tribal people who can use this machine comfortably, apart from their regular domestic chores.
  • Manually operated, reduced drudgery and risk of injuries to the rural people
  • Easily accommodate at house as it very compact and do not occupy much space.
  • On an average one person can earn minimum Rs. 100 to 150 Rs. by using any one or both of these machines.
  • The machine is capable of providing gainful/ supplementary employment to rural and tribal areas.

Bonobo Innovative Products Private Limited, Gujarat