Air conditioning system in scooter(motorcycle)
Masira bi Hanif Patel
Jalgaon, Maharashtra

IGNITE 2013 - 2013

What’s the idea?

A small modified AC connected to engine, which provides cool air circulated through tubes woven into a wearable jacket . Beat the summer heat while travelling on your two-wheeler using this cool AC jacket.

Once during summers travelling with her father on his motorcycle Masira noticed her father to be in discomfort due to heat. She saw a car at a traffic signal whose passengers looked quite comfortable and inquired with her father the reason for the same. Her father told her that the cars are fitted with AC, which prompted her to think, why not two-wheelers can have ACs of their own. A nature lover and cleanliness freak, Masira likes gardening a lot. She wants to become a pediatrician so that she can bring back smiles on the faces of ill children.

 Patent:- 3412/MUM/2013