Simple coffee Pulper
Mr. P. Sudhakar
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

1st National Grassroots Innovation - 2001

Mr. P. Sudhakar, 21, has completed the 12 standard. His family profession is carpentry. While he was in school, he used to help his father in repairing agricultural implements. Presently his family runs a lathe workshop. But simultaneously he continued his repairing skills in different places.

Simple cofee pulper

Mr. P. Sudhakar of Nagappan Motor works in Periyakulam, Theni Dist. Has developed a Coffee berry pulper to extract Coffee bean separately without any damage to the bean. This is a simple hand operated device, which is very compact in size. It can be easily dismantled into small units, transported and reassembled in a place where it is needed for the purpose.

The components and the materials required

  1.     2.1/4" Angle
  2.      2.1/4" Plank
  3.      GI Sheet
  4.      Bearings
  5.      Shaft
  6.     Circular Disc
  7.      Bearing Bloc


In a round disc there are slots of the size of coffee berry. Coffee berries are fed into the device through a side pipe. Operating the handles on either side rotates the wheels the pulp on the coffee berries is separated by the rotating action. The peeled pulp being separated from the coffee beans will not get any damage due to the rotating action of the wheels. The separated coffee beans will come out through another pipe and collected.


    1.  The whole assembly of the pulper can be dismantled and then it becomes easily portable reassembled in another place where it is needed.
    2. There is greater efficiency in extracting the coffee bean separately from the berries without any damage to the bean..
    3.  The capacity is up to 30 kg in each operation depending upon the diameter of the dise.

SI. No.     Diameter of disc Capacity (kg/Operation)     Cost of Unit (Rs.)
  1                  1-foot                               15kg                                  5000
  2                  1.25 feet                          20kg                                  6500
  3                  1.50 feet                          30kg                                  8500