Remedies for various livestock diseases

Remedies for various livestock diseases

Name : Selvarani

District & State :  Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

Category : Herbal products

Award :   Consolation

Award Function :   2nd National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2002

Smt. Selvarani (32 years), a labourer has studied up to primary school. She is living along with her parents after her husband deserted her ten years back. She has been involved in treating animal and human diseases over the last eight years. She learned indigenous healing practices both from her mother and father. She also learned on her own, many herbal-healing practices by observing the other animal healers. She is also an active member of women Self Help Group promoted by the NGO - SEPHARD, Trichy. She has treated more than 200 cattle, sheep and goat. She also prescribes herbal treatment to distant villagers and has cured cases of serious diseases. Maggot infested wounds Due to heavy weight of the yoke sometimes animals develop wounds on the shoulders. These wounds get infested with worms and cause a lot of pain to the animals. For treating this, leaves of `seruppadithalai' (Elytraria acaulis) and turmeric (Curcuma longa) are to be ground and smeared over the affected region for three days. This treatment is equally effective for wounds in the feet caused due to foot and mouth disease. She has treated more than 200 cases over the last five years. Assuring conception in dairy animals About 500 gm leaves of adathoda (Adhaotoda vasica), extract of one leaf of Aloe vera, two eggs of country chicken and 250 ml neem oil (Azadirachta indica) are to be ground and given orally one day before artificial insemination or natural mating. 3) Three days fever in animals This disease is called locally as `kunnu' (Ephimeral fever), which is characterized by erect hairs and shivering of leg in the affected animals. About 200 ml of gingelly oil is administered. In addition, `kovai' leaves (Coccinia indica) 100 grams are to be crushed and used for smearing all over the body starting from the horn region. Prolapse of vagina Primordial leaf of banana (Musa paradisiaca) plant has to be placed underneath the rectum by holding the hands in such a way so that it slowly pushes the protruded portion inside the body. One has to put little pressure to push the vagina inside the body. Lice control in poultry Leaves of sangamkuppi (Clerodendrum inerme) are to be sprinkled over the brooding area of birds. The lice are attracted towards the leaves and then the trapped lice are destroyed along with leaves.