New varieties of wheat, rice and pigeon pea
Jay Prakash Singh
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

2nd National Grassroots Innovation - 2002

 Innovator Profile

Jay Prakash Singh belongs to farmer's family. He studied up to the ninth standard. His father owned a seed company. He used to watch farmers coming to buy seed from his father's shop complain about the quality of seed and thus crop loss. They were looking for better quality seeds. Oit is at this time that he thought about developing varieties of his own. He developed varieties through recurrent selection of desirable plants and through crossing of the preferred parents.

In 1988 Jay Prakash Singh developed new varieties of wheat like Dollar, Mahesh, Safed Baal Dana, JP 61, 33, 64, 52 and T- Hindustan.

The salient features of some of the varieties of the three crops developed by him are given below:


JP 61 (Safeed Baal Dana): Length of earhead is 9 inches; One earhead gives 140 grains; yields, 2000 Kg per acre (50quintals/hectare).

JP 33: Seed is red in color; seed rate 40 Kg per acre; yields, 1600 Kg per acre (40q/ha).

JP 64: Sown in November; yields, 2400 Kg per acre (60 q/ha).

JP 52: Yield, 1600 Kg per acre (40q/ha).

T- Hindustan: Sown in November; yields, 3000 Kg per acre (75q/ha).

In addition to it he also developed the following varieties of Pigeon pea and rice

Pigeon pea

Mohit 07: The seeds cook very easily and the daal prepared is sweet in taste; yields, 1500 Kg per acre (38q/ha).


J.P 51( Mansuri): Maturity period is 140 days; seeds are long and thin; yields, 3000 Kg per acre (75q/ha).

Sundari101: Maturity period is 100 days; yields, 3000 Kg per acre (75q/ha).

Radha104: Maturity period is 120 days; grains are long and thin; yields, 2000 Kg per acre (50q/ha).