New Variety of pigeon pea G.D.P

New Variety of pigeon pea G.D.P

Name : Mr. Dhulabhai Punjabhai Patel

District & State :  -1, Gujarat

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   National

Award Function :   1st National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2001

 Mr. Dhulabhai Patel is a simple illiterate farmer, but with a keen sense of observation. He faced a piquant situation when some other farmer with whom he had shared the seed of his newly selected variety, tried to claim credit for the innovation. Thanks to the effort of Shri Rajnikant, a young village level worker of Agricultural department and SRISTI, justice was done to him. The variety has also been sent for further trials to the main pulses research station, Sardar Krishinagar of the Gujarat Agricultural University and also for inclusion in the gene bank at NBPGR, New Delhi.  Called GDP 1, the new variety of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan)is taller and sweet.  Dhulabhai Patel of Gadha village in Sabarkantha district has developed a new variety of pigeon pea. According to the farmer, he planted BGN 2 in his field in 1996. Two plants appeared different from other plants in the field: (i) the plant had few secondary branches (ii) red flowers were in large quantity and on the aerial part of the branch. (iii) the pod had thick wall and each pod contained five-six seeds (iv) it was a disease-resistant variety (v) the seeds were pink in colour and slightly larger than BDN 2. Consequently, these plants were isolated and the harvesting done separately. The seeds were planted in a different row during kharif season in 1997. Though there was less rainfall and no proper irrigation facilities, six kg. yield could be procured. In 1998, six kg pigeon pea was planted in 45 acres of land from which 1,300 kg yield was procured.  Gram Sevak Rajnibhai Patel gave such type of seed to Kantibhai Patel of Muvadi village in the Sabarkantha district. From his experience of two years, he also found that this variety gives better results in both irrigated and non-irrigated land. By keeping a distance of three-and-a-half to four leaves between two rows, the plant stands erect. But if the distance is more, the plant bends like mustard. According to Dosubhai Atalbhai Gujarati of Modasa, this variety grows very high so many farmers remove it from the field. "But I waited patiently and saw tall and large bunch. The legumes were big and long. These legumes were harvested and sold in the market. These sweet legumes fetched Rs 10,000. Moreover, 1,200 kg of pigeon pea were produced. After pigeon pea, wheat was planted in the same field. The seeds of this variety are longer than NDN-2.  The innovator of this variety Dhulabhai Punjabhai Patel had not given any name to this variety. Farmers in his village later gave the name GDP-1 where G stands for Gadha village and the other two letters on his name. Over 1,000 farmers have accepted the new variety.