Modified life saving device for swimming learners

Modified life saving device for swimming learners

Name : Samraddh Saxena and Yatharth Saxena

District & State :  Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

Category : Engineering

Award :   Idea

Award Function :   IGNITE 2014 Awards

Award Year : 2014

This is a head worn device, which alerts lifeguards once a swimming learner stays underwater beyond a preset time.

The brothers came up with this device after hearing about the death of one of their fellow school mate due to drowning. This devices gets activated once the user goes under water and starts an alarm if s/he stays under water beyond a set number of seconds, which can be changed as per user’s capacity to hold his/her breath.

Young Samaraddh has interest in science and maintains a diary to note various ideas that come to his mind. Yatharth first received  IGNITE awardee in 2009 for his triangular wheel arrangement for carrying luggage over astaircase. hehas grown up to be a good orator. He loves computers and wants to become a software engineer.