Medicine expiry indication
Shweta Sharma & Jaskiran Goraya
Jalandhar, Punjab

IGNITE 2011 - 2011

 Shweta Sharma & Jaskiran Goraya

Shweta Sharma:-
While cleaning out the medicine box at her house one day, Shweta saw that a lot of medicines had already expired. She got worried that she may have, at some point, taken an expired tablet and it may have caused some damage to her. She thought that being a literate person if she could make this mistake of not checking the expiry date, an illiterate person would face even more problems. This is how she came up with the idea of putting a layer of liquid that degenerates the covering membrane and spoils the tablet after the expiry date.
She wants to do something which will make people remember her long after she is gone. She wants to be a scientist. She also looks up to her school Principal and admires her personality.
She has a keen interest in physics and chemistry. She says, “I have been researching hydrogen for the past two years. I want to create a substance which will be a substitute for fuel. Prices of fuel are rising phenomenally high and so if we can create our own substitute for fuel that will be great”.
Shweta enjoys watching cricket and reads books on inventions, physics and chemistry. In her free time she reads books, listens to songs and surfs the internet.
When she heard that her name was in the IGNITE list she was astonished as she had not expected it. She says she had to recheck the list just to make sure! She was very happy.
Her parents and teachers were very happy and they praised her work. She says, “I was also flying extremely high with this news, just as high as the petrol prices!”

She further says, “My main aim is to give something to the country; I want to develop a hydrogen based fuel for my country so that we won’t need to beg any other country for fuel ever”.

She wants to become a lecturer and eventually wants to work for ISRO.


Jaskiran got the idea for putting a layer of liquid that disintegrates the covering membrane and soils the tablet once it has expired while she was watching a TV serial. She saw an illiterate person give expired medicines to a patient and which worsened his condition. Jaskiran felt that she needed to find a technique to help an illiterate person find out if the medicine has expired or not. So her idea was to make the medicine box/packaging such that it changes colour once expired.

Jaskiran looks up to the teaching profession and says, “My role models are teachers who inspire and motivate me to perform better”.

She plays badminton in her free time and reads current affair magazines to improve her general knowledge. She says, “I think knowledge is important and I read anything from which I can gain more knowledge”. She also makes it a point to go for a walk every evening.

Her favourite subject is mathematic because it constantly challenges her. She proudly confesses that she scored the highest marks in maths in her class recently!
When her friends and family heard the news of her idea getting selected for IGNITE they were very happy for her and appreciated her work. She says, “My parents do everything that they can do for me. They want me to shine in the world and they also motivate me to work hard”.

Jaskiran is a passionate girl and she says, “I want a corruption free and discrimination free society. I want all the people to be energized. I think society is running because of good people and the day there are no good people left the world will come to an end. I feel that we must all be good and behave well because we don’t know when others could be inspired by our goodness, and I believe they will surely be inspired one day. I think we should always love everyone, just like a tree does not withdraw its shade from a woodcutter even though the woodcutter hurts it. We must be like tree who is bountiful for everyone, even to those who hurt it”.

Jaskiran says that HoneyBee Network really appreciates the thoughts and innovations that are for our society. She would also like to start a HoneyBee club in her school and says that she will inspire young minds to think. She says, “When a person stops thinking, he stops growing. So one must keep thinking”. She further says, “I really love God and I am happy that I have time for my God”.

Jaskiran aspires to be a lecturer or a chartered accountant some day

 Patent application number: 3170/DEL/2011