Battery operated sprayer and duster
Lalit Surana
-1, Madhya Pradesh

2nd National Grassroots Innovation - 2002

 Innovator Profile

Lalit Surana (48 years), is a graduate in mathematics and later took admission in Law. But after studying upto second year, he discontinued. Because of the difference of opinion in family matters, left his parents and started living independently with his family. He sold 55 acres of land out of his share of 100 acres. He supports his family out of the interest that he receives regularly on the fixed deposits. He got the idea of this concept from water sprayers used in hair dressing saloons. He has received full support from his wife for pursuing his aspirations. This innovation relates to a multi purpose, adaptive battery driven sprayer for spraying liquids or suspension in gardens, for fumigation or for spraying on tall trees.

Two models of sprayers have been designed to run with six and twelve volt batteries. The sprayer can also be attached to folding stick so as to spray the tall trees. The adjustment exists to modify the quality of mist as desired. The cost of 6-volt sprayers is about Rs. 200-250/- and the 12-volt sprayer costs about Rs. 500/-. One can spray one hectare in two and a half hours. Battery normally works for six hours.

He has also developed a duster, which can dust one to five kg dusts with the help of six to twelve volt battery. It can dust one hectare in two and a half hours, just like the sprayer.

Given the light weight, low cost and flexibility of use, the duster and sprayer can have multiple uses.