Arecanut Dehusking Machine
Narasimha Bhandari
Chickmangalore, Karnataka

1st National Grassroots Innovation - 2001

 Passed SSLC and worked in a hardware workshop for some years. Now owns Durga Engineering Works. Interested in experimentation. He is looking forward to file a patent for it.

Called Areca (Areca catechu) nut dehusking machine, it has two versions. In the manual machine, wheel has to be rotated by hand for peeling the item and is comparatively slow. The automatic machine can peel 20 kg areca nuts in an hour.
Getting Areca nutshell peeled is not an easy task. The innovator has designed a manual as well as an automatic machine. The former was very cumbersome and slow in process but by using the latter machine, one can produce at least 20 kg. 
dehusked areca nut per hour. This machine is four times efficient than an expert labour. The machine is designed to peel areca of any size and better compared to others in the market.