Dr. Dhimantkumar Desai

Designation : Research Associate I

Qualification : Ph.D. in Seed Science and Technology

Department/Project : VARD Agriculture

Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Email : dhimantkumard@nifindia.org

Dr. Dhimant holds a bachelor's degree in Agriculture and a master's in Agriculture with a specialization in Seed Science and Technology from Anand Agricultural University, Gujarat, where he also earned his doctoral degree. Currently, he contributes to the VARD (Agriculture) division at NIF-India, focusing on PPVFRA application registration and NBA documentation. His expertise spans seed preservation, quality enhancement through innovative techniques like smart seed coating, pelleting, nano-priming, polymer film coatings, and seed priming. Dr. Dhimant excels in research, including field data analysis, experimental design, hybrid seed production, and conducting germination, viability, and seed quality tests, showcasing his extensive capabilities in agricultural science and technology.

He holds specialized expertise in digitization within the agricultural supply chain, leveraging big data analytics for optimizing agricultural processes. His knowledge extends to monitoring commodity trends, ensuring informed decision-making in agricultural markets. Also, he has undergone training at IIM Ahmedabad, further enhancing his strategic and managerial skills in agriculture and allied sectors.